Caprice – Deep Pleasure @ joymii

Caprice - Deep Pleasure @ joymii

It just doesn’t get any cuter than the adorable Caprice. As cute, maybe, but not cuter. Not only is she cute, but she’s also very sexy, and when she is sexiest is when she is pleasuring herself. Deeply pleasuring herself. She may be shy around people in her every day life, but when she is alone she is anything but. In this video, she starts right away… rubbing her sweet, tight pussy. It’s such a turn on. Pretty soon, she brings out her vibrator and the pleasuring really begins. Watching her cum is so exiting. She enjoys it so much. We hope you do as well… : )

Celeste – Heat @ joymii

Celeste - Heat @ joymii

Whatever word you’d like to use… sizzling… steaming… smoldering… Celeste is HOT. Period. From her moist lips, to her supple breasts, to her beautifully trimmed pussy… and let’s not forget those mesmerizing blue eyes. This gorgeous, sexy, sensuous vixen wastes no time showing us what she likes when she gets hot and we are so exited to have been able to capture it. Watching her rub her sweet pussy made us all a bit hot as well… and watching her cum was… well… we’ll let you experience it for yourself. We hope you enjoy it as much as she did… : ) 

Josephine – Pure Joy @ joymii

Josephine - Pure Joy @ joymii

Watch beautiful Josephine having an awesome orgasm in this very subtle, modern setting.The perfect relaxation for a lazy afternoon Josephine is pleasing herself while spreading her legs wide. Watch our amazing beauty in this very private moment of pure joy!See more of her and other super models from our lates shoot on Ibiza soon!

Defrancesca – Sweet and Hard @ joymii

Defrancesca - Sweet and Hard @ joymii

If you like taking your time, or watching others take their time, then you’ll love watching Defrancesca and Richie take their sweet, and hard, time with each other. They are in no rush to go anywhere as they thoroughly enjoy each other… doing just what they’re doing… and doing it well. Defrancesca is such a babe. Beautiful and hot and ready. Who wouldn’t enjoy licking… and fucking… such a sweet pussy? Richie is the lucky one today. Come on in and see what makes this video so sweet, and Richie so hard… : ) Enjoy!

Ariel – Special Gift @ joymii

Ariel - Special Gift @ joymii

Sultry Ariel sent Joymii a holiday card recently, saying “Come over, I have a special holiday gift for you and everyone at Joymii.” And Ariel sure does have a holiday gift for us all. Ariel’s holiday colors are red and black; she is seductive, erotic, naughty, and playful all at the same time. And then, what’s this? She finds a large glass dildo that Joymii has gifted to her. She is surprised and pleased with the gift and immediately puts it to appropriate use. She wants to show you and us how very much she appreciates our generosity and her entire body welcomes, wets, and appreciates the gift…

Shyla – Merry Christmas @ joymii

Shyla - Merry Christmas @ joymii

Merry Christmas indeed! Who wouldn’t want to find the adorable and sexy Shyla under their tree in the morning? Or in their stocking the night before?! : ) Such a cutie with such a supple and sexy body, Shyla is is indeed the perfect gift for the holidays, or any day for that matter! What she does with that candycane is enough to drive anyone crazy, but it’s what she does after that that really makes it a holiday as she rubs her sweet little pussy until she cums. It really is something special. Consider it our gift to you… and a merry Christmas to all! Enjoy! : )

Den – Before Sunset @ joymii

Den - Before Sunset @ joymii

Some consider the minutes just before sunset to be a magical time… and with Jospephine, it is sure to be that… and more. So sexy and curvacious, Josephine would be any man’s dream come true. This time, she is Den’s, and he takes full advantage of the experience. Slowly and softly, he enjoys her tight, sweet and wet pussy, and she enjoys every second of it. Neither is any rush… and it shows. : ) Come in and see these two enjoy the sunset in the best way they know how… with each other. Enjoy!

Miela – Wet @ joymii

Miela - Wet @ joymii

Sometimes, it’s just nice to watch. To watch a beautiful girl doing whatever it is she is doing. When that thing is washing herself in a nice clean bath it’s extra nice. When that thing is pleasuring herself in that bath it’s even nicer. When that thing is pleasuring herself with her favorite toy in that bath… well, you get the idea. Watching the beautiful and sexy Miela is always a pleasure, but watching her please herself is extra special… and watching her cum is even better. Her pleasure seems to have an extra special quality to it when she is by herself. Maybe it’s because she knows her body better than anyone ever could. Whatever the reason, we like it, and we hope you do too. Enjoy! : )

Ariel – Morning Lovers @ joymii

Ariel - Morning Lovers @ joymii

Imagine waking up to not one, but two beautiful and sexy babes like Ariel and Lily. And on top of that – and each other – they’re making love to each other… wow… we’d call that a good morning. And a good morning it was for these two… their supple and sexy bodies intertwined… caressing, kissing, touching. It wasn’t long before the toy came out however, and that’s when things started to get really hot, really quickly. As Lily holds the toy over her sweet pussy Ariel fingers her as Lily screams with pleasure. Then they switch and… well, we won’t tell you everything. You’ll just have to see for yourself. We hope you enjoy these morning lovers as much as they enjoyed each other. : ) 

Caprice – More Than Friends @ joymii

Caprice - More Than Friends @ joymii

More than friends indeed… and we’re so glad they are! : ) Who wouldn’t want to be more than friends with either of these lovely beauties? Caprice and Miela are very comfortable with each and it shows. Right from the start, they are intertwined and ready for action… and pleasure. Kissing and caressing each other at first, exploring with their tongues and hands until things get really hot as they find their way to each other’s sweet pussies and… well, we won’t spoil it for you – you’ll have to see for yourself. Let’s just say, it sure is good to be more than friends. : ) Enjoy!